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What Others Say

“Working with Angela has been a wonderful experience, for she’s helped me focus on broadening my horizons.  Angela’s lifecoaching keeps me motivated, inspired, and on track!”

Ed Bolden, President, New Horizon Wellness Studio

“I was not at the grand opening for Urbhana but I felt its wonderful energy all the way here in Las Vegas.

From personal observation over the years, I have become aware of how CREATOR trains ITs messengers. Basically, CREATOR gives ITs messengers a whole bunch of stuff to overcome, the “can”didate then successfully overcomes such challenges, and then that messenger is ready to serve others.

I am a witness to the fact that Angela has overcome virtually everything put in her path. She is a spiritual warrior and IS such a messenger. I have learned much from her. Anyone would greatly benefit spiritually, emotionally, energetically, financially, and physically by being with and learning from her.

I am better off from having an Angel(a) in my life. Thank you Angela.”

-Louis Schneidman

“I have known and worked with Angela for many years, having co-facilitated workshops and other events with her. I find her to be a tireless and dedicated movement therapist and teacher and, without reservation, believe her to be a wonderful asset to any program fortunate enough to aquire her services.”

-Toni Forrest, BME, MM
Owner Interior Visions, Columbia, SC
Certified Feng Shui Consultant


“Angela Howard was a guest presenter for my classes on The Healing Art of Music, March 5 and 7, 2001, at the University of South Carolina and Columbia College. Her presentation on DansKinetics and Dance Therapy was well received by students, and contributed to their understanding of music and movement as complementary tools for healing…It was enlightening for me, as instructor, to see the effect of movement participation on the class dynamics. Students who were normally shy and reserved during class discussions emerged as leaders in the movement exercises. The experience reinforces the notion that varying modalities are needed for human learning, healing and expression.

Ms. Howard was professional in her presentation, and her insights brought a needed dimension to our class.”

-Meira M. Warshauer, Doctor of Musical Arts
Adjunct professor, Department of Music, Columbia college
South Carolina Honors College, University of South Carolina


“Angela’s work is remarkable. She has a considerable knowledge of how to work with the body and great insight into emotional issues associated with recovery.

When I first started doing Pilates, I was fearful of reinjuring myself. She was able to guide me in a way that respected my feelings and yet challenged me to try new ways of strengthening and relating to my body.

Angela conducts herself in a very professional manner. She has earned my respect and trust by being consistently reliable and exceptionally skilled.”

-Amy Dodds, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist