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What is Life Coaching?

“Some folks choose to live every detail of life on their own terms, while others face confusion over the smallest of terms, while others face confusion over the smallest of decisions. Still others find themselves somewhere in between. Life coaches claim to be able to help any of the three categories. A life coach is a person who offers clients an analysis of where their lives would be in an ideal world, where they are in reality, and guidance in any of the three categories. A life coach is a person who offers clients an analysis of where their lives would be in an ideal world, where they are in reality, and guidance in:

1. Showing you all of the points of view.

Need a second opinion? You do if your current train of thought and action is getting you nowhere, A life coach will show you views of your current situation that you presently can’t fathom, It is the main reason why a life coach is valuable. He/She opens up your mind.

2. Holding you accountable.

Do you know why dieters are more successful when they join a group? It is because they are held accountable by a group of people. A life coach also does the same thing. He/She wont let you slack on your goals or make up excuses why you can’t accomplish a goal. It’s the kind of in-your-face accountability that’ll help you succeed.

3. Summoning your higher self.

If sounds of failure are drowning out the inner voice telling you to come up higher, you need a life coach. A life coach will help you listen to your higher self. It’s part of you that wants to quit smoking, start a business, love at a higher level and lose the extra weight. This being just needs an extra push in order to come forth and take control.

4. Pinpointing your dreams.

Are you confused about what you really want? Do you lack focus? Are your goals blurry? A life coach will help you pin down what you really desire. It’ll be accomplished throgh a lot of talking, listing goals and self-realization. These things are just what you need to get “clear.”

5. Patting you on the back.

No man is an island. As a result, we all need a little encouragement from time to time to continue on with our dreams. A life coach can offer you this. He/She will be with you along the way to meeting your goals and remind you of your successes and big and small. It’ll be a part of your journey that will put a smile on your face.”

– Stephanie Modkins

Please contact Angela for your free 30 minute consultation. She works with groups, couples, and individuals  – and offers remote coaching. If you can’t get to URBhana, let URBhana come to you for a consultation over the phone.

Call Angela Howard at 865.951.5454 for information and reservations. And, read an interview with Angela, below!




URBhana founder and life coach, Angela Howard, gives her description of what Life Coaching is to her. And what someone who is curious about it can expect when they come to see her.

Angela, what is a life coach to you? “A life coach to me is someone you go to when you know you are ready to make a change.  You are feeling stuck, frustrated, or just curious about a lifestyle change, a career, a relationship.   A life coach is not a therapist and approaches their client in a goal-oriented, methodical, structured system. This system brings about tangible, emotional and physical, positive changes in the lives of their clients.
Usually, when one part of your life changes, when there is a shift in one area of your life, there is a unilateral shift in other parts of life.  So, from a holistic point of view, when one part of your life changes, the rest of your life changes. A life coach has a vested interest in your life being better. Therefore, whatever the original motivation is that gets a person talking with a life coach, there are usually deeper and broader issues that get dealt with.”

So, what will happen when a person comes to see you? ”First of all, when you come to URBhana, and to me, you are met by a friendly staff and feel the peace that comes from complete acceptance.  Sometimes there have been some specific pre-questions/homework that I ask of people.
But generally, once an appointment is made, a client gets a three point questionnaire to help them start focusing on and thinking about their goals and desires  before they come to see me for the first time. Once we get deeper into the realm of an issue or issues, one of the first things we work on is acceptance of where you are in your process.  This requires the client to be completely honest with themselves and the coach.
Then there is a dialog and questions that draw out details of their dreams and goals. The more detailed the client can be, the faster they can see results. Some of the methods that are used in a coaching session are relaxation, and re-scripting of the negative tapes that play in people’s heads to positive visualizing and creating a focus on what their specific goals are, or what changes they desire. In the meetings following, we monitor and chart the changes as they grow. I am there to help the client dissolve blocks and stoppers, and to keep motivated.”

What makes you unique why would someone come to you? “I have unique and vast life experiences and educational background. This spans from my career as a Fortune 400 account executive, to one as a financial planner.  I have my Masters in International business and finance and, a certification in somatic movement therapy and, a Bachelor in Psychology.  I am an essential oils practitioner; I have herbal and healing training, and training for intuitive counseling. I am also ordained as interfaith minister! I think these all make me unique and open to anything and everything. I’ve been helping people positively change their lives since I was a young teen.  I’ve completed the curriculum at the Landmark Forum, Bob Stevens Mastery Systems, and courses in conscious languaging, body language translation, and music therapy.  I also spent, eleven seasons on faculty and staff at the Omega Institute, teaching holistic studies programming, dance movement for healing and, flying trapeze. Because of this wide variety of experience you will be received with an open mind and an open heart. My niche is life skills coaching, because if we can shift your belief systems – then, health, relationships and career shift also.”

Anything else? Yes, I also do remote coaching via the phone and Skype and although my office at URBhana is centrally located in Downtown Knoxville, I can also meet you at a place that is convenient for you. I have enjoyed assisting and watching my clients dreams come true – my client’s achieve success, and fast!