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Grand Opening a Success!

On July 3, 2009 URBhana opened it’s doors to the public for the first time.  It was a gorgeous temperate evening with a typical middle-of-the-summer, laid-back feeling in the air.  Around 5 pm, our first guests strolled in to our open creative space with eclectic art on the walls and an aerial silk hanging from the ceiling.  Scott, the bartender, tended to the guest’s refreshment desires and was heard cracking a few jokes along the evening.

At 6, Circle Modern Dance Company performed an 8 minute dance piece with live electric guitar and a dancer in the aerial silk, dancing several feet off the ground.

As the evening progressed, larger crowds of people would squeeze into the studio and even spill out onto the sidewalk to peer in the store front windows at 6 more unique performances every 15 minutes.

Even though it was the Friday of July 4th weekend, URBhana had a large and consistent crowd and received positive comments on the space and it’s mission.  I, Angela Howard, was able to mingle with guests and talk about life coaching (my core activity) and it’s benefits.

Come visit us again on August 7th for another Frist Friday Event, featuring a new upcoming band and sculpture by Scott Palmer, former art professor at Carson Newman College.  Scott, the bartender, will also be our consistent refreshment “guru.”

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