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Keep our Lake Clean!

I was born and raised here in Knoxville  and returned over 4 years ago with my two  sons .  I grew up in Sequoyah Hills with Cherokee Boulevard as my playground and Fort Loudoun Lake (it was a river then) was where I learned to water ski and escape with my friends.  I remember pretending I was at the beach when the “Volunteer Navy” roared by in their gigantic boats splashing what seemed like 4 foot waves up on the muddy shore line.  At the time, that particular area of the lake had a foul smell  , but I guess I was used to it.  In the early 80’s , I completed scuba lessons and had to do my check out dive in that lake.  Thank goodness they required a wetsuit and I didn’t have any open wounds for that water to get into. Basically , that lake was used as an unmonitored dumping  ground for trash and sewer. There was a bumper sticker back then that had a cartoon character with it’s head in a toilet and the caption read ”I survived Fort Loudoun Lake” .  That was then.

This is now.  I was recently retained by a  young organization that cleans up our lake called the “Fort Loudoun Lake Association”  (FLLAKE.ORG).  They are a non-profit organization that serves  Knox, Blount, and Loudon counties, maintaining 52 river miles and 360 miles of shoreline.  These hard working folks remove trash and debris  from the lake and provide water quality testing and perform stream assessment on creeks and storm water monitoring. They are avid educators with out reach programs and community service opportunities for adults and youth.  In 2010, they removed 1,400 bags of trash and 10,000 logs. Without them , not only would our lake be unliveable , we would have many more boating accidents and injuries.  A clean lake attracts more recreational play and  helps our University and businesses grow.

They are truly the guardians of our lake and are supported by municipal contracts, grants and donations. The Fort Loudoun Lake Association’s Annual Raising of the Water Celebration is their largest fund raiser and will gather lake lovers on Saturday April 28th at Concord Marina . It will open with a Native American blessing of the water  at 3:30 PM, followed by luxury boat cruises ,  live music ,dancing, catered dinner and silent and live auctions.  For more information and tickets call 865-523-3800 or email

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