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What I’ve Been Told Lately…

What I’ve been told lately is that people have found themselves attracted to URBhana, like a lighthouse on the stormy construction site of Gay St. Most people have shared that the name URBhana came to them via either email, word of mouth, or ESP. One particular story I’d like to share is this: during one First Friday event, an agoraphobic woman found herself at the end of the sidewalk of Gay St. and really did not know which way to go or what to do. All of a sudden she looked up and saw some people in front of the door of URBhana and said to her boyfriend, “I need to go there.” She entered into URBhana on that First Friday, and on that particular evening we had a theater group and oil paintings and portraits. The air conditioning wasn’t working so well, and it was hot and crowded. Something shifted inside of her (call it URBhana’s energy 🙂 ) and she found herself opening up and talking to Angie Collins, the creater/founder of the Awakened Woman Workshops, and myself, Angela Howard, founder of URBhana. She lit up so much that we asked her to be a presenter at the next Awakened Woman Workshop. On that Saturday, we witnessed a most vibrant, wide-open, confident, creative writing and play-wright master (she just received her Masters degree from UT) sharing poetry from her play “Exposed” and singing at the top of her lungs to the tune of “Fat Bottom Girls.”

If there is anyone else out there with an URBhana story, please share it because it is fascinating what URBhana has already started to create in downtown Knoxville.

So far in 2010…

So much has happened in the past few months since we last wrote!

December and January’s First Friday events went off without a hitch, despite the construction in front of URBhana making the place look like a war zone! Many dear friends of URBhana also managed to brave the cold weather to come support our events. Angela Hill’s “Little Sis” technology that converted movements into sound was extremely popular with the January First Friday crowd, and her somatic movement therapy workshops drew plenty of interest as well.

December also saw the Circle Modern’s phenomenal Primitive Light show, including many original and inspiring dance pieces. Each showing of the three-night production was a huge success.

This past weekend, URBhana took part in Knoxville’s Healthy Living Expo! The two-day event was a success, despite the snowy weather keeping many people off of the roads. At the expo, we introduced what a few of our new classes will look like, including Pilates and DansKinetics. Both demonstrations drew much interest, prompting quite a few people to sign up for the classes. The DansKinetics classes will be held on Monday evenings from 6 – 7:15. Rates are $15 for a drop-in, or $60 for a package of ten. Call 865.951.5454 for information about Pilates classes.

February’s First Friday will feature photography from Krysty Jones and music from returning band Radio Harvest. The evening is sure to be an enjoyable one, come by and check us out!