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New Aerial! Free Nia! Essential Oil Therapy! And, more…

-New Aerial class groups starting soon – -Downtown Knoxville gets Nia –
-And, Essential Oil Therapy at URBhana!!-

Aerial Dance classes build on each other, and run in 6 week intervals. We are getting ready for our new classes to start at the end of the month, and if you don’t sign up now, you will have to wait until the first of the year to take an aerial class.
You can register for our next groupings of weekly Beginner Aerial classes which start
October 25th at 7:30pm or, October 28th at Noon.
You can purchase classes individually for $15/class or buy a 6 class package(and, get one class free!) for $75.
Please register now, space is limited to 6 students per class!

And, we are so excited to have Elizabeth Cole bringing Nia to URBhana!
Join her for Oct. 19th, 26th, and Nov. 2nd, and enjoy Nia for free!
We just know you are going to love it!
Elizabeth will be offering Nia at URBhana, Tuesdays 6-7:15pm.

And, now URBhana offers Essential Oil Therapy. Learn about this ancient art of healing, and how we can teach you how to use these oils effectively to heal yourself.

What I’ve Been Told Lately…

What I’ve been told lately is that people have found themselves attracted to URBhana, like a lighthouse on the stormy construction site of Gay St. Most people have shared that the name URBhana came to them via either email, word of mouth, or ESP. One particular story I’d like to share is this: during one First Friday event, an agoraphobic woman found herself at the end of the sidewalk of Gay St. and really did not know which way to go or what to do. All of a sudden she looked up and saw some people in front of the door of URBhana and said to her boyfriend, “I need to go there.” She entered into URBhana on that First Friday, and on that particular evening we had a theater group and oil paintings and portraits. The air conditioning wasn’t working so well, and it was hot and crowded. Something shifted inside of her (call it URBhana’s energy 🙂 ) and she found herself opening up and talking to Angie Collins, the creater/founder of the Awakened Woman Workshops, and myself, Angela Howard, founder of URBhana. She lit up so much that we asked her to be a presenter at the next Awakened Woman Workshop. On that Saturday, we witnessed a most vibrant, wide-open, confident, creative writing and play-wright master (she just received her Masters degree from UT) sharing poetry from her play “Exposed” and singing at the top of her lungs to the tune of “Fat Bottom Girls.”

If there is anyone else out there with an URBhana story, please share it because it is fascinating what URBhana has already started to create in downtown Knoxville.

February First Friday

Even though the steady rain could have been a potential deterrent, February’s First Friday event that took place last week was an incredible success! The friendly, warm atmosphere was such a contrast to the weather outside, and crowds were mingling all evening. Joining us this month was band Radio Harvest, back by popular demand, and Krysty Jones, who had photography for sale on the walls. Her intriguing photographs will be up for the entire month of February and are worth coming by to see!

The phenomenal live music provided by Radio Harvest kept the crowds coming for the whole evening, and their mix of originals and cover songs was a hit! (Call 865-951-5454 for information about bookings.)

With the help of these talented artists to draw the crowds, we thankfully attracted the attention of many first-time URBhana visitors who are interested in some of the things we have going on here at URBhana. 2010 is turning out to be an exhilarating year for us, and we’re only two months into it! We are so excited to be able to offer a variety of classes and workshops, and it is such a thrill to have Knoxville’s support in this venture. All of the classes we are offering are filling up fast, so hurry and contact us for your slot in DansKinetics, Pilates, or Aerial Dance! The Awakened Woman workshop, scheduled to take place on March 20th, is also filling up quickly. This workshop will incorporate the arts and techniques of four of Knoxville’s leading women in instructional movement, working together to promote confidence and empowerment for women. For more information on this event, call 865-748-6885.

We at URBhana are so glad to have the chance to bring such exciting opportunities to Knoxville. Come check us out at 115 Gay St., and see what we’re all about!

Grand Opening a Success!

On July 3, 2009 URBhana opened it’s doors to the public for the first time.  It was a gorgeous temperate evening with a typical middle-of-the-summer, laid-back feeling in the air.  Around 5 pm, our first guests strolled in to our open creative space with eclectic art on the walls and an aerial silk hanging from the ceiling.  Scott, the bartender, tended to the guest’s refreshment desires and was heard cracking a few jokes along the evening.

At 6, Circle Modern Dance Company performed an 8 minute dance piece with live electric guitar and a dancer in the aerial silk, dancing several feet off the ground.

As the evening progressed, larger crowds of people would squeeze into the studio and even spill out onto the sidewalk to peer in the store front windows at 6 more unique performances every 15 minutes.

Even though it was the Friday of July 4th weekend, URBhana had a large and consistent crowd and received positive comments on the space and it’s mission.  I, Angela Howard, was able to mingle with guests and talk about life coaching (my core activity) and it’s benefits.

Come visit us again on August 7th for another Frist Friday Event, featuring a new upcoming band and sculpture by Scott Palmer, former art professor at Carson Newman College.  Scott, the bartender, will also be our consistent refreshment “guru.”