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Welcome back Mamma!

My Mamma came home with a new heart today. Her old heart was big. I mean really, figuratively and literally. It was actually swollen from working inefficiently. But, I think it is from all the love she gives unconditionally – I have tears while writing that. Anyway, we will soon celebrate her 88th year of life on this ever rapidly changing earth. And, that I am the hostess and chef…well, thank God she is home.  I have committed to making banana bread for her birthday cake because it is healthy and, well; we need to use the aging bananas in our window. Her recipe is an old fashioned recipe where you have to “cream shortening”. Does anyone know what that is? Beating a softened, (room temperature), stick of butter on high, with beaters in a bowl. Then I had all these flour choices: regular all purpose, whole wheat graham(yum!), or bread flour. I had to run to the living room where she had dozed off, to ask her opinion. She said the whole wheat graham would be too heavy, so to pour lightly – Do you know what lightly means? When pouring flour from bag to cup, spoon it lightly, fluffing each spoonful on top of the other to get a true cup of flour. Well, we decided to go half all purpose and half whole wheat so it wouldn’t be too heavy. All purpose flour because bread flour was made for bread machines. The end result was scrumptious. I dare say, that without my dozing Mamma(chef emeritus), I would have screwed up! Welcome back Mamma!

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